bangkok street foodWhether or not you enjoy eating street food while you travel, is going to depend a lot on your personality. Some travelers would rather dine in relative comfort, and in a place where the food is prepared in a more traditional kitchen. For that person, street food might be too much of an adventure, especially when paired with fears related to hygiene and/or stomach issues. On the other hand, other travelers don’t mind eating food in a more raw or simple setting. It’s this kind of traveler who tends to delight at the sight of many food stalls lining the streets.

If you’re the second kind of traveler, then Bangkok is going to be a great place for you to visit. There’s the perennial question of whether Bangkok street food is worth checking out, or is simply overrated. But really, if you’re a bit gastronomically adventurous, then there are truly many reasons to give Thai street food a try.

One main reason is simply that it can be delicious. The trick is to have a keen eye, and make it a point to watch out for street food stalls where a lot of local people are eating. If you see a particular stall or setup where there are a lot of people buying food, or eating at the nearby tables, then it’s a good bet that the food being served there will be excellent examples of local street cuisine.

There’s another advantage to eating at a street food place that gets many customers. It will help to ensure that the food and other ingredients see a lot of turnover. You’ll be less likely to be served food that’s been cooked in old oil, for example, if the vendor has been cooking at a brisk pace for most of the day.

From my own personal experience, I’m a big fan of the fresh fruit drinks that you can see vendors hawking along the sides of roads. You just basically approach the seller, and point out which fruit you’d like to have juiced. Oranges are fairly common. But a friend once tried juice from a red fruit that none of us were familiar with, and she liked it a lot. You can’t really find juice much fresher, since the vendor will manually squeeze the fruit juice into a plastic bottle while you wait. It’s a great way to taste different juices from various and even unfamiliar fruits. You may even find that you prefer it over your morning coffee while you are there!