bangkok new year's eve
Bangkok is one of those cities where there’s a lot of energy and activity in the air. You can feel it in the evenings, as you ride the BTS, walk around one of the city’s shopping malls, or make your way around the Grand Palace complex. The pace is bustling and the people are full of life. All of this comes to a head at the end of the year, as Bangkok celebrates New Year’s Eve. If you’re a traveler who finds himself or herself in Bangkok as the year is brought to an end, you’ll be able to experience for yourself just how much energy and life this city has.

There are so many options for people looking to make their New Year’s in Bangkok special. If you’d like to be around hundreds of thousands of other people, as the new year is ushered in, then you can consider going to the Central World mall complex. On a regular weekend or evening, there’s already a ton of things to do at this mall. There are movie theaters for catching local and international films. There are shops and restaurants galore. And there are usually exhibits, live entertainment or other activities outside the mall proper.

But when New Year’s Eve arrives, this area becomes full of people looking to party and celebrate. And Central World doesn’t disappoint. You can expect beautiful fireworks to fill the night sky at the moment the new year arrives. Before that appointed time, there will be live bands and other entertainment available, to keep the crowd occupied. As far as food goes, there’ll be stalls in place to make sure that you won’t run the risk of going hungry, or running out of beer. Central World offers a crowded and rather noisy atmosphere, perfect for bringing a full year to a close.

If you’re looking for a New Year’s experience that offers uniquely Thai sights in the process, you can choose to go on a river cruise. There are cruises set up precisely to end the year, and they arrange their start and end times so that you can be on the water come midnight. It can be a truly beautiful experience, because your river vantage point will allow you to see the Grand Palace, other temples, bridges and more. You’ll also be able to appreciate the fireworks which will be lighting up the Bangkok skyline at midnight. And as far as food and drink go, you’ll have your fill since these cruises generally come with long dinners, glasses of wine or champagne, all while being entertained by live music.