Inside view MBK (Maboonkrong) Center in Bangkok

MBK (Maboonkrong) Center in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of those places that I can see myself visiting repeatedly. The city is varied and interesting enough, so that multiple visits won’t end up getting boring. There’s a lot to do and experience. One reason I enjoy visiting Bangkok is its rich history and culture. There are temples standing there today which have been around for many centuries. Entering one of those wats is like taking a trip back in time. You look up at the high ceilings and walls, covered with paintings and other decorations, and you realize that your view is very similar to what someone might have seen several centuries ago.

And the culture is all around you. I can remember walking from my hotel room, and when I came to one street corner, I noticed that there was a shrine there where people were offering incense. That’s just the kind of thing that you can expect to find, whether you’re in the middle of the city or at the outskirts. Wherever you are, there will usually be a temple, shrine or other culturally significant structure close by.

Another reason I enjoy visiting Bangkok is the fact that it makes some of its more modern culture accessible to travelers. The example I’m thinking of is how certain movie theaters showcase local films. One of my more enjoyable experiences involved watching a Thai romantic comedy in a large downtown mall. As the movie was being shown, there were English subtitles presented at the bottom of the screen. This meant that someone like me, who couldn’t understand a lick of Thai, could follow along and enjoy the film along with everyone else in that theater. It was great.

One other reason I like to visit Bangkok is because the city makes it easy for travelers like me to get around. Many hotels are located within walking distance of the city’s train system. In my experience, the stations are very comfortable and clean, and heat isn’t an issue even if the stations tend to be open air. The trains themselves weren’t crowded when I was riding them. The overall experience was a very pleasant one. Then, the train also allows you to easily get to the stations where you can ride a boat that travels along the city’s main river. These boats are a great way to visit some of the main attractions such as the Grand Palace, other temples, and areas which offer delicious food and interesting shopping. I do appreciate the fact that intra-city transport is so efficient and convenient.