pattaya beach near BangkokIf you’re going to visit Bangkok, and you’d like to spend part of your time at a beach, you’ll need to plan your trip well. Thailand has many beautiful beaches that can improve your summer vacation, but the question is going to be one of travel time and distance. For instance, Phuket is a great place in Thailand to hit the beaches and enjoy water activities. But it’s a long way from Bangkok. If you’re thinking of taking a road trip, you’re looking at about eleven hours on the road. Flights are available, and take a much shorter hour and a half, but you’ll need to work out the arrangements properly.

So if you intend to be based primarily in and around the Bangkok area, some of the Thai beaches won’t be very convenient for you. The good news though is that there are good beach options, which are relatively closer to the capital.

For instance, you could consider Ko Samet. This is an island which is located southeast of Bangkok. You can’t really say that it’s nearby, since you’ll still need to cross a distance of around two hundred kilometers. But at the same time, Ko Samet is one of those places where people who live in Bangkok go to have fun during the weekend. So that makes it clear that it’s accessible from the capital. As far as beaches go, you’ll find some lovely places here. There are beaches coated with white sand and coral formations.

To get to Ko Samet, you could consider a land trip. You can’t drive all the way there, because it’s an island. But you can take a vehicle to a spot where you can ride a ferry to Ko Samet. The drive part of the trip can take around 2.5 hours, while the ferry ride itself takes less than half an hour. If you’re taking a cab, tell the driver to bring you to the Ban Phe ferry area. Just make sure to take the necessary precautions so that you don’t run into problems with an unscrupulous cab driver.

Another beach that you can go for is the well-known travel destination of Pattaya. On the upside, the beaches here are closer, so travel time will be less. Also, there are a lot of establishments here which might be great if you’d like to have a more active travel experience, involving bars, malls and restaurants. The downside though is that you’re not quite going to get the peaceful beach experience that a place like Ko Samet can offer. So consider your personality and preferences closely, before you make a decision.