grand palace bangkok
Bangkok is an amazing city really. There are many things that a traveler can do, and there’s enough diversity there so that there’s something for everybody. Different people will gravitate toward varying tourist attractions and experiences, but for most people, there will be certain places that they will want to check out. After all, one of the most fascinating things about Thailand is its history. It is a country that was never truly colonized by other nations, which makes it very different from its neighbors. Its culture goes back a very long time, and this can be seen in the structures, buildings and places which continue to exist until today.

One must-see attraction is simply the Grand Palace. That’s not to say that the entire experience will be a pleasant one. The reality is that many travelers visit this place on a regular basis, so you’re going to have to brace yourself for the crowds of people making their way around the site. You’ll also have to get used to the idea of the heat in that place. The large number of people doesn’t help, and since much of your walking will be done outdoors, you’ll be dealing with the heat of the sun.

But don’t let all that put you off, because the Grand Palace truly is worth visiting. This is the official place of residence of the king of Thailand, and this has been the case for more than two hundred years. There are many structures here to check out and photograph. Also, be sure to take a closer look at the murals which adorn the walls. Both the exterior and interior surfaces of the buildings are richly appointed. There are fountains and statues, and certain interior areas are full of paintings, works of art and other items of interest.

Another must-see attraction is the Bangkok National Museum. This is the largest museum in the southeast Asian region, and it is full of items, pieces of art, relics and more, which help to document and bring to life the rich history of Thailand. As far as coverage goes, the things in the museum go all the way from the Stone Age to recent decades. There are also exhibits which cover neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. The pieces here help travelers to understand what it was like to be a member of the royal family centuries ago, what kinds of possessions they had, and more. Some of the items on display also include gold jewelry and other precious objects.

And you will definitely want to make some time to check out some of the great temples in Bangkok. There are plenty of these to choose from, so do try to put a few of them on your travel itinerary – you won’t regret it!